Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the surface of the skin to stimulate specific anatomic points in the body, sometimes in conjunction with heat, suction or electrical stimulus. Based on the philosophy that the body is connected by meridians of energy, acupuncture is used to painlessly regulate or correct the flow of energy by stimulating areas along those meridians that correspond with the symptoms and the root of the problem.

Hair Analysis
Hair tissue analysis is a sophisticated laboratory technique used for assessing mineral imbalances (eg. calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron--low zinc is related to immune problems) and toxicities (eg. aluminum, lead, mercury) in the human body. Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue in the human body. It closely reflects the minerals that are accumulating in the body, particularly in cases of toxic metals exposure. Only one tablespoon of hair is required to test 38 elements. The results are easy to comprehend and can be used by you and your health care provider as an indicator of your progress.

Bioimpredance Analysis
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) is a method

of assessing your "body composition" and a useful tool for measuring percentage body fat and lean body mass. It is an integral part of a health and nutritional assessment.






Herbal Products
Chinese Herbal Medicine is built upon knowledge of 8000 herbs, approximately 400 are used frequently. Herbs are rarely prescribed individually; a personalized formula containing a specific combination of 15 to 20 highly concentrated herbs is developed according to patient needs. Both herbal prescriptions and general products, such as supplements, are available as teas, liquid extracts, tablets, capsules, lotions and creams, depending on the patient's requirements. All of our herbs manufactured to the highest GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices)-certified quality standards.


Nutritional Supplements and Medical Food
All of our supplements and medical foods are made by Metagenics America . It is one of the few professional nutritional supplement providers that manufactures formulas in their own facility that is independently certified for Good Manufacturing Practices —the ultimate mark of quality manufacturing. Metagenics is also the leader in nutritional scientific research to ensure the purity and safety of every formula. so you'll receive the health benefits you expect.


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